My name is Morgan Lenderman.  My husband and I have a great love for
the Great Dane breed. We bought our first a couple months after we bought
our first home and had no idea we would love the breed so much! Every
family needs one and after you've had one you'll be wanting more.
All of our Great Dane puppies will be sold with limited AKC registration. I will ask a few questions before selling any puppy to a family. I want my puppies to have the best care at his/her new home. If you can no longer care for the puppy - no matter how much time has passed - please contact me or bring the puppy back and we can find it a new home, no questions asked.
The Great Dane, also known as the Gentle Giant, is an extremely large dog breed, that has been rightly
placed in the Working Class dog group.  Some of the most common characteristics of the Great Dane
are their energetic personality, their elegance in and out of the show ring as well as their friendly nature.   The majestic Great Dane is a very loving, gentle dog that does require daily exercise, but grooming is a breeze! Their short coats require very minimal attention.
Our male (stud) Remington AKA Remi, comes from a
wonderful blood line! He is THE best dog! A true gentle giant!His father is Merveille Myszatka and his grand father is High Resolution-B Del Monti Del Keraton, a young Poland champion.

Bella (dam) loves her momma and LOVES all the attention! She is kind to all the people and the dogs she meets. She wants to be involved  with everything that goes on in the house! She is loyal and only wants to please us.




Great Danes are low maintenance, the only things they need are good parents to love them, elevated feeders, dog food  that has protein NO higher than 24% and fat NO higher than 13%, these few things will help keep your Great Dane happy and healthy. Please do NOT limit your dog's water, this can cause them stomach problems. Try and spread your feedings out with a few small meals rather than giving them
only one or two large meals, that is always good.  I recommend giving your Dane Fish oils with Omega 3, you can purchase it at Walmart and it is very inexpensive. It's a capsule that you can bust over their food once or twice a day. It's great for their coats, growth and brain development. Enhances joint mobility and bone density. Provides an additional dietary source of natural anti-inflammatory nutrients. Maximizes energy and endurance yet helps soothe high-strung, nervous types. 

Thank you for your interest in our beautiful blue Great Danes!  If you have any questions - please do not hesitate to ask.

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